The World Eater Mk. 2 is a device that utilises forcefields to tear away large amounts of land. It was created by Finbarhawkes, and is self mobile. that exists in the land of Merth. It has been discovered by FMB.

Invasion Of ElysiumEdit

The World Eater was used by Finbar and the Allied Army of Rapture and Army of Pork to breach the heavy walls of Elysium and open a path for the armies into the city.


The World Eater has had two past incarnations. The first world eater was created by FnD in Season 3 as a deterrent for FMB and as a mining system. However, Finbar's design is likely based off of The Eater Of Worlds, a super-weapon with very similar attributes, that was made by TDK in Season 1. Both weapons are self mobile, chunk loaded, and destroy any blocks that may be in their way.

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