The Woodfolk are a tribe of Humans who inhabited the woodlands of Merth and are known for being skilled archers and stealth killers. They are also masters of ambushing.

Sanctuary at Winterly RockEdit

The Woolfolk's leader, Robin Woodfolk with several other Woodfolk seek refuge at Winterly Rock after Edd2012 and his army of pigmen attacked and burnt down the Woodfolks' woods. There Robin and the Woodfolk swear fealty to FunkMasterBlast and join the Armed Forces of Winterly Rock.

Battle for Bogdon FellsEdit

After taking Bogdon Fells from the Army of Pork, a large invasion force of porkmen and War Porkers assault the outpost, Woodfolk archers in the trees began firing at the pigmen who were having trouble advancing due to the swamp. However due to the War Porkers' size and massive strength the pigmen quickly overrun Rob's forces and reclaim Bogdon Fells in the name of the Empire of Pork. You can read more about this battle here.

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