Welcome to Voltzified Wiki

Welcome to Voltzified Wiki that anyone can edit. This wiki is a canon of Voltz Wars Wiki. Here you will find information about Voltz Wars spinoff series Voltzified. We also have some different rules that you can read HERE. Any other information can be found on the homepage.


  • April 21 2015 - Voltzified Officially cannonized as a part of Voltz Wars wiki.

Page of the Month

Every month the admins of Voltz Wars wiki will choose the page of the ponth. The link and editors of that page will be featured here.

Character of the Month (coming soon)

Every month you can vote for your favorite Voltzified character to be featured on this page! The poll will be reset every month, so be sure to check back soon! Click HERE to vote.

Hurry! Voting ends ...!

Latest Activity

Visit the community-corner for updates on the wiki.

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