Voltz Wars: Season One was the very first season of Voltz Wars that detailed the first half of the First Voltz War.

Season 1 was also called the youtuber season. it was mostly a Troll war between FnD and evilgopher/nethervoid with both sides greifing eachothers bases on a sometimes daily basis.

The season started with Finbar and David on their OceanSide Base which started as a above ground set up of dropped in supplies and turned into an underground factory for future weapon production.

Near the end of the series, FnD got fed up with the constant barrage of trolling/greifing and decided to hit evilgophers base with a nuclear missile. However, finbar was too slow in doing so and evilgopher had time to move his base far away, Thus ending the conflict. Afterwards, finbar moved their base from the mountain to a new location inside a jungle. FnD then set their sights on Pyrostasis, tping to him and filling his base with cows in revenge for galactus. The season ended when FnD began mass producing bombs and attacked a strange military base filled with endermen, completely anhilating it.