The Volcano Lair was the main base of Finbar and David early in voltz wars: season 1 . The base was created after they were forced to flee a red matter explosive placed near their first base And then moved from the FnD forest base which was later discovered to have been found and Looted.

The base was made into the volcano it's self with a camouflage window facing south to look out. It was powered mainly by solar energy, with the exception of a few generators. It was located below a hill that was owned by Pyro unknown to Finbar and David who lived below until they met in a passive aggressive manner.

Early Days Edit

After leaving the forest base, FnD decided to build in the side of a volcano. They started by digging out a small area and putting in the chests and little supplies from the OceanSide base. As the built it came apparent that lava would be a problem.

the team made the front wall facing south and turned it into camo so that they could have a nice view out but no one could see in.

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