A group of villagers

Villagers are a race of humanoid tesificates that inhabit all continents of the Voltz World. Villagers are pacifists and will not attack even it harm is done to themselves or their property. However, villagers are sometimes protected by Iron Golems who will give their lives to defend the villagers. Villagers live in small villages usually with a church and a blacksmith. Some rare villages like Sandy Crack include a wall to keep mobs out. Villagers are most notable for trading various items for or in return for emeralds. The main threat to villagers are zombies which attack their villages killing and infecting the villagers to become zombies themselves.


Villagers are usually found in their villages, praying to their unknown deity or deities at church, harvesting crops or just gossiping about other's noses. During the War of the Pork, Edd used them as slave labor, while the Tonatiuh sacrifice them to their gods and their villages looted and destroyed by warring factions. Several villagers like Jermaine have risen up and gained power beyond simple villager, and rising in positions as well.


  • Sandy Crack Sect - A small village led by the High Priest. Some villagers left to join Edd's new religion, while FnD killed the majority of the villagers. Remaining villagers are under the protection of Sir Friend Zone's forces.
  • Moon Colony - A sub-species of villagers who evolved on the Moon's surface. Have blue skin and large heads.
  • Witches-Witches are similar beings, with one difference witches have magical abilities unlike villagers. However villagers involving being struck by lighting, can be corrupted and converted into Witches of the evil and sinister branch of witches called Dark Witches.

Minecraft WarsEdit

Once again villagers are under threat thanks to Finbarhawkes (Minecraft Wars) releasing Namtar and the Demons who now attack villages and kidnap villagers to corrupt into other demons increasing their numbers and power.

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