The Twilight Forest. Galardon's Tower is in the background.

The Twilight Forest is a realm that is full of magic and wonder along with a lush habitat of plants and animals. The Elves of Twilight ruled over the Forest for ages, building a vast civilization of prosperity. That was until Edd2012 corrupted High Wizard Galardon with the Porkcrux of control, causing a strange fog to develop over the forest and hordes of Porkmen to ravage the capital city. David along with several elf warriors killed the corrupted wizard and destroy the porkcrux. The surviving elves left the Twilight Forest to join D 2the avid at Elysium.It is presumed that with the deaths of High Wizard Galardon and his corrupted followers and lifting of the Fog over the realm that the Twilight Forest will return to normal and might be possible for the Elves of Twilight to rebuild their fallen civilization if they ever return.


  • Magic in the Twilight Forest is deemed as a divine gift and the Elves of Twilight had a order of wizards who held power and sway over the nobility of the elves.
  • The Elves of Twilight had a caste of nobility for which, they picked for their rulers such as Lady Areth.

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