The Tournaments were hosted in Elysium by King D 2the avid inviting players from all around to participate, in order to help gain profits and boost city moral.

Arenas Edit

Currently there is one arena. This arena is in Elysium. There is also an arena in Winterly Rock.


First Tournament of ElysiumEdit

The first tournament of Elysium. There were 16 participants. The winner of it was ...


David had a bet with Ryan. If Ryan would have won the whole tournament David will had to pay Ryan 10,000 gold ingots and vice versa. Ryan killed all of his opponents in one hit and went straight into the final. But he was cheating (drinking potions of strengh). David spotted it and replaced all those potions to poisoning ones. Ryan lost the bet, but due to the destruction of Elysium gold ingots were never paid to David

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