The Tonatiuh were an ancient civilization who were native to Minecraftia. During their time they built many large temples to their gods. such as the Carpet of Souls and the Temple of 777. They had an order of powerful priests which Dr Ouroboros belonged too, which held the secrets of their main deity called Lechonmeh or Pork. This was until Edd2012 was driven insane by FnD's torture and came to them for the secrets of pork.


Edd2012 then destroyed the majority of the Tonatiuh, but spared Dr Ouroboros so he could teach him the dark pork power of the Porkcrux. Somehow Ouroboros manage to survive waiting for the Porkborn and his comrades to arrive in the City of Skulls, then telling them how to defeat Edd and his forces. He later disappeared and has not been seen from then on.


A band of survivors were found in the high mountains near FnD's base. They had made a camp with a watchtower, some tents and a sacrificial alter. Finbarhawkes and D 2the avid found several villagers in cages as well as some wolves. Guessing that the villagers were slaves and were being used as sacrifices for this cult like camp, they freed the villagers and wolves, then looted the camp for supplies.


It is unknown what happened to the survivors but their are some theories.

  • Theory 1 - The survivors abandoned their camp after discovering it looted by FnD and fled to other lands to rebuild.
  • Theory 2 - Edd located them and slaughtered them or enslaved them for his army.
  • Theory 3 - The survivors were attacked by zombies and turned into them.
  • Theory 4 - Regrouped with Dr Ouroboros and are living safe in a secret hideout.

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