This is for every event from season 1 to season 5 (and on going): wars, player events, movements of troops, new kingdoms and everything else.

This way we can see everything that has ever happened in the Voltz Wars and Minecraft Wars!

Season 1 Edit

The Start Edit

Feb 23, 2013: FnD with Finbarhawkes and David begin there adventures, fleeing from a war Finbar started with Pyrostasis and evilgopher /nethervoid.

Feb 25, 2013: Galactus the cow is recognised as David saves him from slaughter

Feb 28, 2013: First of FnDs explosives was a condensed explosive that was set up as a mine for David to stand on.

Mar 1, 2013: David finds a strange building off in the distance but close to there base when on a boat going around the shores.

War Edit

Mar 2, 2013: FnD invade the base (known as the Odyssey Mineing Outpost) found going through mines to get to it, once in they take an amount of items

Mar 5, 2013: FnD find a bomb in their farm that explodes, killing many of their animals before a red matter bomb goes off, forcing them to evacuate.

Mar 8, 2013: FnD move to dirt base

Mar 10, 2013: FnD robbed so they move to a new volcano base

Mar 12, 2013: Battle with tattyseal When spying on Pro's base

Mar 27, 2013: FnD troll nethervoid with a pitfall trap in his base

Mar 28, 2013: FnD get trolled with a pit of spikes


Season 2 Edit

Season 3 Edit

The Start Edit

War Edit

Pork Edit

Season 4 Edit

The Start Edit

Season 5 / Minecraft Wars Season 1 Edit

Season 6: Aporkalypse Edit

Ep 1 : Edd porker King vision.

Ep 1: Rob and Rich crash their ship.

Ep 3: Edd creates Porkmen maker.

Ep 3: Sir Brown capture FMB.

Ep 3: Edd makes Porklings.

Ep4: Edd invades town.

Ep 4: Battle of Good Day - Lord Valcon dies.

Ep 4: Rob and Rich's mission to find Lord Valcon.

Ep 5: FMB find the burnt down village.

Ep 5: FMB meet resistance

Ep 6: FMB infiltrate Valonia

Ep 8: FMB return to Tarbuck

Ep 8: Edd destroys resistance tower

Ep 8: FMB heads to Highleaf

Ep 8: Sir Whiteflower goes to see Valonia but is discovered by Edd

Ep 9: FMB go to Bazzar

Ep 9: Edd attacks Sir Whiteflower but Whiteflower escapes

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