The World Annihilator is a secret super-weapon created by Ricochet and The Ministry of Secrets. It is currently in the testing phase. The World Annilator's position is also unknown.

Creation Edit

The World Annihilator was created to solve the problem of icbm missiles, which, at that point, were largely ineffective due to the large amount of A-A turrets and forcefields deployed by the rival factions.

Use Edit

The World Annihilator is made to drop payloads behind enemy defenses using Mystcraft portal technology. First, an EMP charge is dropped to destroy any defenses/machines, Then roughly 10 seconds after the EMP, four antimatter bombs and an obsidian TNT block are dropped in. The obsidian TNT detonates, spreading out the antimatter for maximum devastation. The World Annihilator has a complex system of redstone circuits to keep the charges timed and has the capacity to attack up to 17 targets at once.

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