The Order of Areu were a ancient and sinister cult of people who were corrupted by their master, Mafsat, using his Dark magic. Mafsat created this cult to help him archive immortality. Thus the Order was born and together, Mafsat led his followers into finding a way to cheat death.

Early HistoryEdit

Mafsat was a powerful dark wizard who feared death. Using his dark powers he formed a Cult of Immortality - seeking, disturbed, sadistic practicers of Dark magic. The cultists helped Mafsat mummify David for his quest.


After being resurrected, Mafsat possessed MylesC and it was revealed that the villagers are part of the Order. Mafsat rewarded them by devouring their souls to restore his health. While battling Caff, Sean and Jack, Sean and Jack were killed, but using his necromantic powers brought them back as his slaves thus joining Mafsat and Tycer in the new reformed Order.

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