"All shall be Revealed"
– Motto

The MinistryEdit

Created by Rich as an agency to detect inner threats to the Rock. They also gather information about the enemy as well, such as the Pork Lords.

The Ricochet Post SortermajiggerEdit

A device that records, monitors and catalogues all mail coming in and through the mail system. Rich seems to spy and read gossip of the population as well.


Neutral Factions

-D 2the avid

  • City of Elysuim
  • Fantastic legs

Hostile Factions


  • The Rapture
  • The Hulk loves tech has an evil side
  • Possible megalomaniac - has killed children


  • Stone Garden
  • Pork Lord - 7 Porkcrux's, 4 disposed of 3 remaining
  • Confirmed megalomaniac - likes to capture enemies
  • Perfect Glaze has a moustache
  • Army of unknown origin


The Ministry is full of secret passageways through out the castle and even secret rooms as well. Rich has a habit of disappearing into one of the secret walls and confusing FunkMasterBlast. There is also a secret room where Rich's top secret bedroom is located with a large amount of powered sugar and several working girls from Arabian Nights.

Current ProjectsEdit

  • Operation Porky Punch - Defence of the realm against Edd and his Army of Pork.
  • Operation Cookie Crunch - Classified
  • Operation Toffee Pie - Classified

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