The Flying Dutchman from afar

The Flying Dutchman was Finbarhawkes battle ship built using the Archimedes ship mod .The ship was also Finbar's counterpart to D 2the avid's Cloud of Devastation. It was made of obsidian and is armed with 10 cart cannons capable of launching explosive minecarts long distances. It's maiden voyage to David's canal was a tragic disaster as the Flying Dutchman sunk beneath the surface and the operation was abandoned and after the addition of some sails it was launched again and this time destroyed David's power flower, some walls and his main ship, the Leighton Baines, killing some of David's pirates in the process. Finbar and ockpii then seized this opportunity to plant buzzers in David's factory and sabotage the ME system.


The Dutchman up close

The Dutchman itself was very buggy and Finbarhawkes continuously has to cheat to make it work. This has caused much controversy on the server.

Version IIEdit

Due to the glitches involved with the Dutchman's Mincart Cannons and the destruction of the ship's air balloon sails by D 2the avid, Finbar made major changes to the ship. He removed the rail cannons and implemented rail guns and rocket launchers instead. These were powered by an internal power cell. The outer shell of the Dutchman remained almost the same though, just with only 2 openings for the new cannons and a glass wall for a better view under deck. The air balloon sails were also never rebuilt, rendering the Dutchman sea based and unable to fly. Nevertheless, the Dutchman outclassed all of ships built in the series.


While fighting D 2the avid, Finbarhawkes with his one ship versus the entire Fleet Royale realized that it was losing fight. In a last effort to turn the tide of the skirmish, he went back to Rapture and attacked two of the ships from the fleet while David and his pirates celebrated their short lived victory. The two ships burned and in a final effort to secure the victory, David diverted one of the ships with obsidian TNT under the deck and already sinking to martyrdom itself into the Flying Dutchman. In doing so it destroyed both vessels leaving only one vessel from the Fleet Royale returning from the battlefield.