The Dwarven Stronghold is a unnamed Dwarven City built deep underground in a jungle. The Dwarven Stronghold has apparently existed for thousands of years, yet has never been given a proper name. Upon hearing this, TycerX named the city Karlos Minefeld, based on the name of his friend Carlos and that the city looks like an underground minefeild. However, it is unknown if this name will stick. Because the city was so well hidden, no outside explorers ever discovered it until TycerX, MylesC and Magmamale were led to it by the dwarf Dozla Gravelhand. The city was invaded by the Demons following the release of Namtar by Finbarhawkes. This started a war between the dwarves and demons, eventually leading to the dwarves being overwhelmed in a massive battle and taking heavy casualties. Since so many dwarves died in the battle, the Dwarven Stronghold has been left almost undefended. Tycer, Myles and Sean have offered to help defend the city and have made an alliance with the Dwarven leader, Kaznok Dimshield.

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