"Threat levels have risen from 2 to 10."
– Robert

The Cruiser of The Universal Watchers is an intelligent spaceship that seeks to protect terraformed planets. It is controlled by the artificial intelligences Rosalind and Robert.

Abduction of Tycer & Co. Edit

After being killed by Finbarhawkes, Tycer, Myles and Magmamale were all transported to a prison cell inside the cruiser. Once they had been freed, they met Rosalind and Robert on the deck, who explained that they were the joint intelligence of the ship and that they sought to protect the universe and its terraformed (inhabitable) planets. This included removing any temporal and/or spatial anomalies, which included the trio. However, before they could be exterminated, Namtar began to corrupt the planet below, causing a shift of priorities for the two A.I.s. Due to the fact that the Cruiser could not directly combat the magical properties of the corruption, the lives of Tycer, Myles and Sean were spared on one condition: that they assist in destroying the threat.

Personalities Edit

The Cruiser

The Cruiser of The Universal Watchers from the outside.

While the ship is technically a single artificially intelligent object, it takes the form of two intelligences to outside viewers. Rosalind is a female sounding and slightly kinder intelligence, while Robert is blunt, mechanical, and tactical, frequently correcting Rosalind with more blunt statements.

There are also many robots on the cruiser, who are most likely controlled by Rosalind and Robert, though show low intelligence as a whole.

Direct Communication Edit

Rosalind & Robert have noted that they now have direct communication with Tycer, Myles and Magmamale. This may also mean that they now can eavesdrop on all conversations between the trio.

Trivia Edit

  • Rosalind and Robert are named after Rosalind and Robert Lutece from the game Bioshock Infinite. They are supposedly brother and sister and they often finish each other's sentences. The sibling dynamic was dropped when the cast of TycerX's series took inspiration to give them more of the feel of a married couple.

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