This page refers to the Bunker from Minecraft Wars. For information regarding the similarly named bases built by FnD in Voltz Wars: Season One through Three see HERE

"How did they find me!?!"
– Finbarhawkes after Tycer, Myles and Sean broke into The Bunker

The Bunker is the name of Finbarhawkes' main base of operations in Minecraft Wars (Voltz Wars: Season 5) and the seat of his drug empire. The Bunker is hidden inside a mountain in a jungle close to Nathan's Farm, and only accesable by a hidden stone doorway. The Bunker has three floors, the top floor is the storage area, the second floor houses the heavy machinery such as the Digital Miner, Thermal Generators and coal coke ovens. The basement houses the drug production factory and railway to UltimateRyanGames and Mryourmumiscool's base.

Origonal ConstructionEdit

The first floor of the Bunker were built by Finbar after he learned that the Desert Clan was moving into the area (prompting him to make a hidden base to avoid detection). The original bunker was very crude and held the inefficient energy generators and smeltery and all other machinery in one cramped space.


When the space provided priced to not be sufficient for Finbar's needs, he began digging a floor underneath the main one to hold all of his large machines. A better lighting system was added throughout the base and the improved power generation system and Digital Miner were moved downstairs. Eventually a third floor was added underneath this to hold Finbar's Automatic Drug Processing unit.

Connection to Ryan and Sam's baseEdit

As part of a plan by Finbar, UltimateRyanGames (Ryan), and Mryourmumiscool (Sam), a tunnel was constructed underground connecting The Bunker and Sam and Ryan's base. This tunnel housed a Minecraft track which Finbar could use to send drugs to Sam and Ryan for them to distribute. The tunnel has yet to be completed.

A "Hidden Base"Edit

Although the Bunker was designed to be hidden from the other factions, it has been discovered by Ryan, Sam, FMB, Tycer and his allies, and the Demons (thus all of the major factions). Ryan and Sam were given the general location if the Bunker by Finbar when they made their alliance, but they found the exact location by themselves. Also, unbeknownst to Finbar, his neighbors FMB have also descovered the "secret" bunker on account of Finbar accidentally leaving the door open. Namtar, leader of the demons also discovered the base (by unknown means). Tycer, Myles and Sean also discovered The Bunker using information given to them by the AI Robert.

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