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Thaddeus the Beard Guy, also known as Beard Guy, Beard, or Not David is a mysterious nameless friend of FMB. It is unknown if he plays any role in the production of Voltz Wars as he has been described as 'not from YouTube'. He is jokingly listed as the voice of D_47the_avid.

Known AppearencesEdit

Thaddeus appeared once ina live stream by FMB to bring alcohol. He also directly appeared in FMB and FnD's meetup video. Other than this he has only been mentioned on rare occasions.


Thaddeus' real name remains unknown. He was given the name 'Thaddeus the Beard Guy' during FMB and FnD's meetup video. When professing he wants to remain anonymous, Rob suggests 'Beard Guy', Richard suggests simply 'Beard' and David suggests 'Thaddeus' for his pseudonym. These are eventually combined into 'Thaddeus the Beard Guy'. However, Thaddeus himself states he prefers to be called 'Not David'.

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