Tarbuck Hold is a medium sized hold near the crash site of FMB under the lordship of Lord Tarbuck. FMB were imprisoned there before working for Lord Tarbuck. The domain of Tarbuck Hold is quite large, extending to throughout the Tarbuck Feilds and other towns. Lord Tarbuck rules his domain from Tarbuck Hold, and it is also where his cheif advisors, Wiseman Calvis, Sir Graham Brown, and Sir Whiteflower reside. It has been noted that despite being a large keep with a large domain, Tarbuck Hold has few to no roads or paths connecting it and it's towns.


Tarbuck Hold was built in the time following the end of Voltz Wars: Season Four, and the beginning of Minecraft Aporkalypse, a period of some few hundred years after the Age of Heroes. During this time, the Tarbucks came to own this land and became lords of it.

Emprisonment of FMBEdit

In Minecraft Aporkalypse, after FMB raid a small village under the domain of Tarbuck Hold, Sir Graham Brown is sent out to bring them to justice. FMB were then kept in the dungeon of Tarbuck Hold for about a week before being made Lord Tarbuck's expendable messengers.

Second War of the PorkEdit

After FMB reported the return of the Pork Lords and the creation of the Second Army of Pork, Lord Tarbuck issued for all men of fighting capacity in the domain of Tarbuck Hold to be recruited to the militia to defend against imminent Porkish attack.


Tarbuck Hold is located atop an extreme hills biome. There is a large stairway leading from a small village at the bottom of the mountain to the keep at the top. There are multiple towers built around the main keep atop the mountain and they are interconnected by small bridges.


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