The Taken by the Fog were strange and ghostly specters that roamed the fog-covered forest of Twilight. Killing and attacking any who dare enter the fog.

Patient ZeroEdit

When Edd2012 corrupted the High Wizard Galardon and his disciples with the Porkcrux of control. A mysterious fog appeared and engulfed the Twilight Forest. The Fog sickened and twisted the forest, strange visions appeared and many of the elves died duo to this. Those elves lost in the fog may have been corrupted and transformed into the "taken by the fog". Protecting and terrorizing the dark woods near Galardon's tower.


D 2the avid and a small company of elven warriors traveled through the ruins of the elf city, battling giant spiders, skeletons and large numbers of the "taken by the fog". Finally defeating the fallen wizard Galardon and his fellow corrupted wizards. Destroying the porkcrux and breaking the curse of the fog.

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