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TDK also known as Pyro's Legion and Pyrocorp is an organization led by Pyrostasis in Voltz Wars: Season One and Two. TDK was the main enemy of FnD during these seasons until Finbarhawkes was "kicked off the server" at the end of season two.

War with FnDEdit

Finbarhawkes was once a member of TDK, until he "borrowed" a load of their supplies and started a new faction, FND, with D_2the_avid. This act started a two two season long chaotic war between the two teams.

First BasesEdit

Early on in Voltz Wars: Season One, Pyrostasis "enslaved" many of the soon-to-be members of TDK. He forced them to work as indentured servants and build his original base. Eventually Pyro freed them and they "willingly" became part of TDK.

Other Members' BasesEdit

Although Pyro kept a main base for all the TDK members, most of them left to create their own base. The members still were part of Pyro's legion but all worked separately by themselves at their own base. Pyro still held command though, as TDK members always reported to him first and carried out his orders when needed.



Leader of TDK, he originally enslaved the other members to work for him. He is Finbar's arch nemesis for the first two seasons of Voltz Wars.


Once an enemy of TDK, Steve was a candidate to become an ally of FnD. However Steve ended up joining Pyro's Legion.


VikingZZZ is the mechanic and "builder" in TDK. He opposes Pyro's forced slavery and seeks freedom for all members of TDK.


One of the first members of TDK, MeatyLock is Pyro's right hand man. MeatyLock is generally considered to be the "goofy" member


One of Pyro's henchmen. Nethervoid was sent on multiple missions by Pyro to attack Finbarhawkes.


Not much is known about TCDutchman other than the fact he worked Pyro's particle accelerator in season one.