There are a variety of species and races shown in each season. Here is a list of all known NPC Races.


  • Humans - Main race, most powerful and the most shown. More info here: Humans.
  • Elves of Twilight - An elven race native to the Twilight Forest. Known for their vast magical powers and abilities. More info: Elves of Twilight.
  • Dark Elves - Another elven race and known racists to other lesser races. Dark magic wielders. More info: Dark Elves.
  • Naga - Snake like humanoids. Main weapons are fangs full of fatal poison. More info: Naga.
  • Dwarves - Short race known as powerful smiths and miners. More info: Dwarves.
  • Giants - Gigantic race best described as brutes and savages. More info: Giants.
  • Orcs - Green tribal barbarians who love battle. More info: Orcs.
  • Spirit Elementals - Immortal beings comprised of thousands of souls. More info: Spirit Elementals.
  • Dragons - Intelligent, winged reptiles who have powerful magic and fire power. More info: Dragons.
  • Porkmen - Magical pig-like humanoids and followers of Pork. More info: Porkmen.
  • Villagers - A race of simple farming pacifists. More info: Villagers.


  • Taken by the Fog - Former elves of Twilight, corrupted by High Wizard Galardon's curse. More info: Taken by the Fog.
  • Stone Men - Powerful animated rock statues. More info: Stone Men.
  • Silverfish - Insect parasites living in underground biomes. More info: Silverfish.
  • Slimes - Living blobs of slime. More info: Slimes.


  • Intergalactic beings - A race of My Little Pony-esk beings. More info: Intergalactic beings.
  • .Reticulans - A mysterious race of telepathic greyish white creatures. More info: Reticulans.

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