The Spannerguard is a group of three of the topmost knights of the Church of the Spanner. They were given to FunkMasterBlast to command by The Great Engineer as tribute because of Lord Funk's support of the Spanner. The Spannerguard served as Lord Funk's Royal Guard during his time as High Lord of Winterly Rock. When FMB jumped through the black hole at the end of Voltz Wars: Season Four, the Spannerguard drank an icy tonic made by Ach-aldat and were sent into a coma until their Lord's return in Minecraft Aporkalypse, when they woke up to serve in again. The Spannerguard consists of Sir Longshaft, Sir Surethrust, and Sir Stridewell.

Arrival at Winterly RockEdit

Right before the Battle of Marston Klemp, High Technician Meccanus brought the Three Knights before FunkMasterBlast, claiming they had been sent by The Great Engineer to aid them. FMB quickly determined to call the Knights the Spannerguard. However, Spannerguard did not participate in the Battle of Marston Klemp.

Life at Winterly RockEdit

The members of the Spannerguard were each given a room in the Castle of Winterly Rock, within the smaller tower. The Spannerguard stood guard over the throne room at almost all times, the only exception being when traveling with FunkMasterBlast himself as his bodyguard.



The Spannerguard reawake

Following the season finale of Voltz Wars: Season Four, the Spannerguard apparently drank a magical icy tonic created by Ach-aldat. This froze them in a coma-like state for the next few centuries, as they awaited the return of FMB, when they would awake. In Minecraft Aporkalypse, when the Second Army of Pork unearths the tomb the Spannerguard were buried in, the Spannerguard reawake. They easily slaughter the group of Porkmen and set out to find their Lord, FunkMasterBlast.

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