The Souless are the most common race of Demons led by Namtar and are his kin, who ruled the world thousands of years ago until the Wizards of Light defeated them. Using their light magic, they cursed the demons and trapped them into the bodies of mortals.

Curse BrokenEdit

Namtar, in the form of the Ancient Knight, tricked Finbar into helping him retrieve The Three Keys, thus breaking the spell over him and his kind. After getting the artifacts, he and his demonic Souless, in their knight forms, reveled their true forms and Namtar cast a evil spell over Finbar, causing him to be forced into a coma-like condition. He and his demons then began to preform a ceremony in order to unleash chaos over the world. Since unleashing untold chaos, sinister and demonic beasts have overrun Mearth. Giant scorpions are lurking around Nathan's Farm and massive fireball shooting moths are swarming the land. It is unknown where the Souless or Namtar have gone.


On a search for some zombie pigman DNA, Finbar located a large nether fortress filled with several Demons, including the Souless, and two new types of demons. Seeing that the demons were keeping several Villagers free in order to halt their conversion into demons and adding to Namtar's demonic faction.

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