Sir Whiteflower is a high ranking member of Lord Tarbuck's council. He was order by his lord to releases FMB and give them a task by finding what happened to Lord Valon. He later told the pair to head up to the main hall and ask Wiseman Calvis to gear them up for their quest. Unlike Sir Graham Brown, Sir Whiteflower seems to have some respect for FunkMasterBlast and Ricochet.

Scouting MissionEdit

When FMB reported that Valonia had been captured by Edd and the Second Army of Pork, Lord Tarbuck sent Sir Whiteflower to investigate the truth of their claims. Whiteflower and his men set up a base near Valonia and began spying on it, eventually confirming what FMB had said. However, Sir Whiteflower and his men were noticed by a porkish guard and they were attacked. Though his men were lost in the fighting, Sir Whiteflower managed to escape and report back to Lord Tarbuck.

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