Sir Porksword, formerly known as Gunther Schepke, was a Grudgebringer lieutenant under the command of Morgan Bernhardt before being corrupted by the Pork. After renaming himself as Porksword, he joined the Men of Pork and became a knight under Prince Porkrod. As such was is a prominent commander in the Army of Pork.

Ambush of the GrudgebringersEdit

It is revealed by Lord Morgan Bernhardt that Sir Porksword was once one if his lieutenants as Gunther Schepke. However, at some unspecified point Schepke turned to the teachings of Porkology. Schepke then betrayed the Grudgebringers' location to the Army of Pork and helped Edd set up an ambush for the Grudgebringers along a marching rout. The resulting battle wiped out the majority of the Grudgebringers' military force, the survivors escaping to Winterly Rock.

Career in the Pork ArmyEdit


Following his betrayal and abandoning of the Grudgebringers, Schepke traveled to Porktonia, where he was taken in by the Men of Pork and given the name of Porksword. Due to his combat prowess (being a former Grudgebringer), Porksword gained the attention of Prince Porkrod, who made Porksword his personal champion and gave him a battalion of Men of Pork.

Raiding Past Bogdon FellsEdit

Sir Porksword was given orders by Edd2012 himself to accompany Commander Ham to the Pass of Bogdon Fells and continue past it to raid villages allied with Winterly Rock. Sir Porksword and his battalion completed this, opening the path for the Army of Pork to attack Winterly Rock. It is unknown what happened to Sir Porksword following the defeat of Edd.

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