Sir Ham (Formerly Commander Ham) was Edd's page-of-sorts who usually delivers important information to Edd and relayed his orders rather than give orders himself. Nevertheless, Sir Ham was in most meetings of the High Command. Unlike Sir Baconbits though, Sir Ham was rarely in the field of battle and usually observed from afar with Lord General Pepperoni. However, Sir Ham was the leader of the Porky Scout team sent to track Morgan Bernhardt and the remainder of the Grudgebringer army after Edd's massacre of their forces, he found FMB and fought alongside Edd against FMB and Sir Friendzone at the Skirmish of Sandy Crack. Later, he was ordered to go with Lord General Pepperoni to Bogdon Fells for a second attempt at invading Winterly Rock. After the victories at Bogdon fells and the Stony Shore, Edd knighted him. He turned back into a normal pig after destroying the last two porkcruxes.

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