Sir Chickenbeak was a grown chicken that was knighted personally by Lord Funk, Master of Blast in Voltz Wars: Season Four. Sir Chickenbeak was a member of the Winterly Rock High Council, although he seldom appeared in any of their meetings. He was Lord Funk's personal chicken squire and was well known to "chase chicks". Sir Chickenbeak was murdered by Ricochet during an argument with FunkMasterBlast.


Sir Chickenbeak was once a simple chicken living in the land in front of Winterly Rock. One day while Lord Funk and Ricochet were inspecting the outside of the castle, they noticed the chicken. Rob decided to knight the chicken as Sir Chickenbeak and make him his squire.

Life at the RockEdit

Sir Chickenbeak lived a life of luxury (for a chicken) at Winterly Rock, though he mostly stayed in the lands surrounding the Rock and not in it. During this time Sir Chickenbeak built a reputation for "chasing chicks". He was also present at some of the ceremonies held at Grand Cathedral by Rob.


While Rob and Rich were building their first missile silo at Winterly Rock, a chicken was found in the silo. Richard thought that this chicken was Sir Chickenbeak, but this was refuted by Rob, who claimed Sr Chickenbeak looked different (although there were no obvious differences). Rob then killed the chicken.


Following the death of the Sir Chickenbeak look-alike, Sir Chickenbeak himself dropped into the silo, apparently returing from "chasing some chicks". However, Richard believed this to just be another chicken like the last one. Rob argued that this time it was Sir Chickenbeak. In the heat of the argument, Rich slew the chicken, which was later confirmed as Sir Chickenbeak.


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