Shruikan is the name of Finbarhawks' black dragon in Minecraft Wars (Voltz Wars: Season 5). The dragon egg which contained Shruikan was given to Finbar by Dragon Knight Kovo in return for Finbar's help in defeating the Demons and their leader Namtar. After surrounding the egg in lava, it hatched. Finbar plans to raise the dragon to adulthood and ride it when it is large enough.


After hatching Shruikan began exploring his home, eating Finbar's cows in the process. Later he matured and was relocated by Finbar into the large underground tunnel leading to Ryan and Sam's base. Much time passed and he developed into an adult. Finbar later searched for him and discovered that Shruikan had made an escape route through their now abandoned base, leaving it on fire and with several pools of lava.

Attacking FMBEdit

After some time, Shruikan attacked Nathan's Farm, burning several buildings to the ground and hurting many of FMB's troops, including Agent Echo. He then flew north-west towards The Cruiser of The Universal Watchers. He perched there to rest and was found by Finbar, however Shruikan was in a rage. He threatened Finbar and later was seen by the trio who were, as was Carlos, frightened by the monstrous black dragon.


  • Shruikan is very similar to the dragon Saphira in Voltz Wars: Season Four, as both were owned by a character named Finbarhawkes and both were raised by Finbar after hatching from their eggs.
  • The name Shruikan was taken from a popular book about dragons called 'Eragon'.
  • Like black dragons from folklore and fiction, Shruikan has become a dangerous threat, has created his own ideology of dragons being superior and all other life as lesser beings, and has begun terrorizing several locations, including Nathan's Farm.
Shurikan 1

Shurikan attacking FMB

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