The Sacking of Krop

The Sacking of Krop was an event occurring late in Voltz Wars: Season Three and the first known attack made by the Army of Pork. Edd, discovering that the Mother of Dragons was in possession of one of the porkcruxes, used a nether portal to bring his newly formed Army of Pork out of the nether and besiege her city, Krop. Despite a valiant effort by the defenders, the city eventually fell and was thoroughly destroyed. However, despite being a tactical victory for the Army of Pork, the battle was a strategic failure as FMB and FnD escaped the city with the Porkcrux, as did the Mother of Dragons with some of her soldiers.

The BattleEdit

The siege of Krop began approximately just after FnD and FMB met the The Great Mother. FnD and FMB had been visiting the city in order to find and destroy the Porkcrux apparently held there by the Mother of Dragons. While she was initially unwilling to give up the porkcrux, when the city came under attack by Edd, intent on taking the porkcrux back, she gave it to David. The attack was initially reported by Sir Friend Zone, followed by a bombardment of the city with explosives. While Sir Friend Zone led The Great Mother out of the city by boat, General Blueworm rallied to Soldiers of Krop to fight back the invaders. Finbar, David, Rob, and Rich also participated in the battle. The majority of the fighting occurred in the front gate, where the Army of Pork, led by Edd, was pushing through. Despite fierce resistance by the defenders, the gate was overrun. FMB and FnD retreated further into the city, where they retrieved the porkcrux and escaped by boat. The remaining soldiers were quickly defeated.


After taking the city, the Army of Pork ransacked it for all its wealth. General Blueworm, the remaining Krop soldiers, and other citizens, were enslaved and brought back to Edd's Nether Temple. The city was then destroyed by a series of explosives, including an antimatter bomb. Despite the defeat, the escaped soldiers of Krop and the Mother of Dragons continued to fight back against Edd throughout the rest of the War of the Pork. Most notably the Krop survivors retook the Holey Moutain, saved FunkMasterBlast in a skirmish at Sandy Crack, and participated in the Second Battle of Bogdon Fells. Also, by escaping with the Porkcrux before Edd could catch them, FnD helped ensure his eventual defeat.

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