Robit was FunkMasterBlast's (Rob) pet and friend. Robit had many useful features including a crafting table, an extra inventory, a furnace, and an anvil. Robit will follow you around, making him a very useful tool to go mining with. He also has a "go home" feature that will teleport him to the ChargePad he is set to. He does require power to operate, although not very much. During "The Early Dawn", when a Porkrux drove _Ricochet insane and launched anti-matter missiles across the server, FND Games retaliated by launching nukes at FMB. Robit is presumed to have been destroyed in the crossfire.


  • Robit has been reffered to as "Robs New Best Friend."
  • Even if Robit did get out of the warzone, he would not be able to find Rob in the Minecraft Wars world and would run out of power eventually anyway.
  • Rob's briefly owned Slimeling's name, Slimeit, was a reference to Robit.