The Reticulans are a mysterious group of aliens from an unknown planet which, according to Edd, is a steam-powered 18th century world. The only Reticulan to be seen so far in Minecraft Wars is Honf. The Reticulans have mind-controlling and mind-altering powers, able to completely take control of someone for a short period of time or slowly corrupt them to the Reticulan cause. The Reticulans do not appear to be very physically strong, but posses high tech weaponry and spacecraft. They plan to invade Mearth at some point in the future, where as the Agency is attempting to stop them. When invading the mothership FMB saw Edd talking with the aliens for an attack on Mearth with a focus on attacking FMBs base.

Weapons Edit

The Reticulans are armed with many types of weapons along with a supply of Ender Cannons.

The Mother Ship Edit

Made of coloured red stone blocks the ship is powered by a big power reactor in the centre surrounded by hazard blocks. The mother ship is covered in cryogenic chambers showing that the aliens do sleep or hibernate, even if there has never been one seen asleep. It holds at least one smaller shuttle that may be used for transport from one ship to an other. there has bean two of these seen but only one on the mother ship. On board the mothership the reticulans grow long grass and weeds for an unknown reason. it could be that they eat it or possibly smoke it as fmb brought out.

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