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– Pythagoras

Pythagoras was Dr. Hans Jermann's personal Robit until he briefly disappeared after Dr Hans took Carlos to the nether. Pythagoras was next seen on board the Cruiser of the Universal Watchers. It turns out that Pythagoras had been contacted by Rosalind and Robert to help them scout out the anomalies TycerX, _MylesC, and magmamale. He currently works at the helm of the Cruiser.


  • Pythagoras looks identical to FunkMasterBlast's robot friend Robit from Voltz Wars: Season Three
  • Pythagoras is named after the Greek mathematician and philosopher of the same name. This was done to reference the Medic from Valve's Team Fortress 2, who also has a pet named after a Greek philosopher: Archimedes the dove. Both Dr Hans and TF2's Medic are German doctors so the cast of TycerX's series thought it only right to make a little reference.

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