Porktonia was a Pork-corrupted nation and ally to Edd2012 during his conquests and the rise of the Empire of Pork in Voltz Wars: Season Four.

Alliance with EddEdit

During the War of Pork, Edd corrupted Prince Porkrod who was a ranking member of the Grudgebringers, betrayed his former comrades allowing him to become Prince of Porktonia. With a entire city-state who now follow Porkology, Edd and his newfound ally began conquering neighboring nations and cities to increase his empire.

Conquest of Fanton BarlessEdit

Fanton Barless, a city in Southern Merth was conquered by the Men of Pork (soldiers of Porktonia). The entire population of the city were forced into slavery or driven into the mines. FMB did battle with the Men of Pork giving them the name of "Pork Kneelers"(due to their devotion to Pork).

Sunny Shore DominationEdit

Prince Porkrod himself and legions of Men of Pork assisted with the conquest of the Sunny Shore, including the Sacking of Northbay from the ancestral Lords of the Sunny Shore.

Fall of PorkEdit

With the corruption of Edd and the fall of the Empire it is believed that Porktonia fell to the freed nations of Merth for revenge or disbanded.

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