Porkmen are a magically created race of intelligent anthropomorphic pigmen. After Edd2012's corruption by Pork, he used it's power to create an army of pigs thanks to tricking TycerX and MylesC.Using his army began the War of Pork by conquering several kingdoms and towns. Then created a religion based on pork,to help increase his power. The Porkmen were defeated when Edd lost his powers at the end of Voltz Wars: Season Four, however, Edd was able to recreate the Porkmen in Minecraft Aporkalypse.

First TroopsEdit

The first Porkmen were common pigs, until Edd2012 with help from TycerX and MylesC began breeding and capturing large amounts of pigs. Using his Porky powers converted the pigs into his first legions for the Army of Pork.

War of PorkEdit

With his new army, Edd launched a large scale invasions of the major kingdoms and towns, enslaving Villagers , destroying any who defy him and mass exterminating of local religions including the Old Gods of Tekkit and their followers.Soon after Edd and his forces conquered Stone Garden , creating the Empire of Pork, a large military pork based empire.

Corruption BrokenEdit

After the last of the Porkcruxes were destroyed. The power of Pork that created them was broken and were reverted back to pigs, while the corrupted humans were freed from it's control. With this Porkmen became virtually extinct, with only their distant relatives the Zombie Pigmen remaining.

Birthing CeremonyEdit


The Porkish Birthing Ceremony

It has began revealed that Porkmen are created through a ritual involving someone putting pigs and pork chops in a pool, throwing a bottle of Porkranium on a person then sacrificing them to create newborn porkmen. Then the pigs would be transformed into newborn porkmen.

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