Operation Sleeping Giant is Finbarhawkes classified plot to create and use sleeper agents like Lord Rory Jr. Blackhammer to destroy Winterly Rock and Elysium from the inside out. Finbar also admitted torture in the process of brainwashing Rory Jr without the host remembering being implanted with codes. Once sleeper agents are in place, they can be activated in which they will be completely under Finbar's control.


In the day's of Finbar's allegiance to Elysium and after the kidnapping of Rory Jr., Finbar tortured Rory Jr. which was soon discovered by D_2the_avid and but immediately on trial for his actions (Finbar's Trial). He claimed in front of the Elysium High Court that he intended to use Rory Jr. as a Sleeper Agent planted within Winterly Rock and FMB to do various tasks in whatever Finbar commands him to do in the event a code word is used. Finbar was immediately expelled from Elysium after being found guilty of torture and left after destroying and stealing from Elysium. Finbar also mentioned using more then one sleeper agent preferably in Elysium so they could rebel against King David and open the gates for Finbarhawkes invading army.

Method of ConversionEdit

The sleeper agents are converted through children usually tortured to become more suitable for the brainwashing. Finbar started by secretly torturing Rory Junior under the nose of David who, after discovering Finbar's secret torture chamber hidden beneath Elysium, exiled Finbar from the kingdom after he escaped from his trial causing great damage to the docks

Finbar currently has one sleeper agent Lord Rory Blackhammer II inside Winterly Rock, which he has not used nor revealed the code word.