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The Official Voltz Wars Top Character Awards had begun a long time ago... But YOU (the community) failed us (admins), because we still don't have enough votes. YOU must vote for and defend your favorite Voltz Wars character for a variety of different awards! YOU choose the contestants! Also don't forget to spread the word about these Awards! And Please VOTE!


  • BEST season one-two character
  • BEST season three character
  • BEST season four character
  • BEST Minecraft Wars character (so far)
  • Most powerful character
  • Most good-hearted character
  • Most evil character
  • Smartest character
  • Saddest character death
  • Most helpful character
  • Character with most interesting personality/backstory
  • Character which smells the worst

Round ONE of the Voting starts April 1st and ends when we have around 20 votes.

All YOU have to do is list which characters you think should win each award (remember to list what award they win WITH their name) in the comments below! That's it! I will take the most commonly named characters and bring them into ROUND TWO (which I don't think will happen if YOU don't vote).

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