The OceanSide Base was a base built by Finbar and David in season one of Voltz wars. It was built above ground at the start and was little more than a supplies drop and small farm area. However before long it became apparent that it was needed to be under ground if Finbar was to further his weapon construction.

The Farm Edit

The base included a farm with three cows, two sheep and a number of chickens. It also included a small wheat farm, which was used as a wheat source for the two companions. When Finbar started to kill cows for leather David opposed the killing of one baby cow, the first baby of Voltz wars ever, who he named Galactus. Galactus's parents however where killed and seemed to not have been nice people by the comments by Finbar about who they were.

Machines and Tools Edit

The first tool ever made by the Voltz wars Finbar and David was a paxel, symbolizing FnD's mix of all aspects of Minecraft, the crafting farming and fighting which later became apparent as seasons went on who was who.The first machine made by Finbar and David was a metallurgic infuser, made to further their interests in the war that Finbar had started. The base both powered by coal generators and also advanced solar panels both put together by Finbar.

Defense Edit

The base is knitted out with a few different defenses, the first being the mines that were placed along the beach that detonated when stood on. These mines more than once however ended up killing David and so did more harm to him than enamels.

Destruction Edit

After a trap was set with incendiary bombs inside the farm area the base was blown up before a giant red matter bomb started eating the whole area forcing the team to flee by boat away from the base taking the little they could.

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