Nathan's Farm was a small ranch in the desert where Nathan and his family lived before FMB arrived.


Before FMB or Finbar came to the land, Nathan and his family had built a small farm in the desert near a large jungle biome.The Farm was safe for years, they grew crops and raised cattle for themselves until a gang of Bandits raided the farm and murdered everyone expect Nathan.

FMB's ArrivalEdit

After throwing themselves into the black hole of the ruined city of Elysium.SpeedmasterDash, FunkMasterBlast and Ricochet. They arrived in a new land, but Rich was missing. Soon seeing strange buildings in the desert, after nearing the buildings they meet Nathan. After answering a few questions Nathan told them about his problems with bandits. Edd and Rob began repairing the farm starting with the barn. But the bandits return but are soon killed.


But unknown to everyone a certain evil was constructing a base in the jungle. After scouting the farm and seeing the graves of Rob and Edd, questioned Nathan about the names. Nathan being suspicious though he was a bandit and threaded to shot him. Finbar being annoyed murders Nathan, loots the house than sets it on fire.

Secret ReveledEdit

After freeing Ricochet and D47avid from the Bandits's base, FMB discovered the house burned to the ground and Nathan on the floor, dying and saying something about graves. FMB argue about the morality of digging up dead people, but discover a hatch. Climbing down they find a long hallway with cells. In one cell is a strange looking alien like creature. After looking around the place, the trio climb back to the surface and quickly bury the hatch under dirt in fear.


Edd began to vastly improve the farm, including building a larger house (due to Finbar setting the original one on fire) with all sorts of advanced technology. Then FMB began constructing the area for space travel and added a runway for planes.

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