Nathan, also known as Agent November, is a first person encountered by FMB who lived at his farm near Finbar's base. His family was murdered, farm razed to the ground and his cattle driven off by Bandits.Then Edd and Rob, while searching for Ricochet, discovered his farm in ruins. Asking Nathan what happened he told them gis tale and asked them to help rebuild his ranch. Suddenly the bandits returned and were quickly defeated by FMB.

Unseen EvilEdit

Unknown to everyone, Finbar has a secret base near a large bog where he plans of manufacturing experimental drugs and to "recruit" some locals to his faction. While scouting near the farm, Finbar plans to send some of his followers to enslave Nathan and use his farm. But he later went to the farm for information about FunkMasterBlast and SpeedmasterDash. Nathan quickly told Finbar to leave before his "boys" come back. Finbar, infuriated by the old coot, brutally murders him and sets fire to his house, though not before looting it, laughing and arrogantly saying how he is the "Drug King" and how rude the old man was.

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