Malissa Blessid is most likely an evil witch or a demon (real name unknown), which had disguised as a female dwarf. Tycer, Magmamale and Myles met her while visiting a nearly abandoned Dwarven Stronghold of Karlos Minefeld. Malissa told the trio about a secret evacuation which was ordered by Kaznok Dimshield. The friends went and asked Kaznok to explain more about it, but it turned out that he did not order any evacuation.

Truth RevealedEdit

Feeling confused about Kaznok's answer, the friends went back to the fountain to question Malissa about the mysterious "evacuation". Upon reaching the bridge, they find that Brommad Harrolf was gone. Guessing that he had been evacuated as well, they make their way to the fountain. After asking her about the evacuation and the whereabouts of Brommad, she said she had "evacuated" him and now she is going to evacuate Dozla. She began laughing sinisterly, as she stopped a lighting bolt struck Dozla and she mysteriously vanished, taking Kaznok with her.

The End Edit


Malissa's real form

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