This is a list of battles and missions of trolling and scouting from season one.

OceanSide War Edit

Odyssey Mining Outpost Inavsion Edit

when David spots a odd building near their OcaenSide Base. They decide to go in and check it out but as they go they discover that it's covered in land mines and barbed wire, however with a little skill and a lot of chance they make their way to the base alive. On the side they find that it is an Odyssey Mining Outpost and go ahead robbing it of some of its loot, however not taking to much and drawing attention to it

OceanSide Base Trap Edit

when Finbar and David woke to the farm being covered in incendiary bombs and a lever with signs giving conflicting info. Finbar decided to break the lever but ended up falling on a pressure plate and blowing up the base. It is unknown it David ever found out that Finbar had destroyed thier base.

Red Matter Bomb Edit

After the trap a giant red matter bomb went off and started eating up all of the OceanSide Base ending it and forcing FnD into hiding to find a new base.

Volcano War Edit

Looting of FnD forest base Edit

when Finbar and David start to move to their volcano base, they find that their forest base had been looted and a whole chest taken. This I raged Finbar and started the Volcano wars.

Battle of the Hill Edit

the battle of the hill took place when Finbar and David decided to track down enemy's and came across enamys on a hill looking over their base. They met with tattyseal and tryed to make friends but the passive aggressive spirt lead to Finbar attacking tatty seal and starting a small battle of the hill.

however the situation soon calmed down and this gave FnD the time to spy out the enmays base on the hill where they fell into a twilit forest portal.

Trolls Edit

Pitfall Trap Edit

FnD decided to launch an attack on nether voids base by building a large pitfall trap inside his base while he was out.

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