This page lists all the major battles of Minecraft Aporkalypse.

Slaying of Lord Valon (The Good Day)Edit


"The Good Day"

A minor battle between a small group of porklings led by Edd against Lord Valon and his guards. The porklings ambushed and slew Lord Valon when he refused to submit to Edd. This was known as the "Good Day" because Edd had earlier promised to show Lord Valon a "good day".

Assault on the RuinsEdit

Upon tracking several members of freedom fighters down. Edd 's forces and the Resistance in Valonia do battle, the porkmen surround the resistance base and then began to assault the ruins. Currently unknown if all of the resistance members were killed.

Escape of Whiteflower (Fight another day)Edit

Edd learns of Sir Whiteflower 's outpost near Valonia taking Captain Pepper and some of his men attack it killing many of Lord Tarbuck 's soldiers. Luckily Sir Whiteflower escapes not before saying " he that lives and runs away, lives to fight an other day", however a few surviving soldiers are captured.

The Battle For Highleaf Edit

Edd2012 intended to be captured by the castle defense. Kendrick and Edd were captured by the Highleaf Forces and brought to the inner throne room inside the castle. The high elf in charge of Highleaf, demanded Edd paid for his crime for the destruction of Elysium and killing millions of innocent people.Lady Smaik concluded that Edd would be killed but in a blunt act of defiance and according to his plan, the "elven guard" near the door secretly disguised sprang into action and killed the throne guard taking her prisoner. Outside the walls, siege towers flooded hundreds of pigmen into the castle striking and capturing the city while taking Lady Smaik prisoner in the dungeons.

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