Magmamale (also known as Sean) was a major character in Voltz Wars spinoff series, Voltzified. He was a scatterbrained wizard who just wanted peace. His talent for magic and knowledge of Mafsat's cult was invaluable in helping to save the world. He had a major dislike of vandalism and a fondness for the metal Angmallen.

Pre-Voltzified Edit

Not much is known about Sean before he entered the world of Voltzified. It is known he was a respected user of magic with a particular talent for Ars Magica. He is also distantly related to a member of Mafsat's cult and has studied Mafsat extensively.

Season 1 Edit

Sean was a resident of the world of Voltzified, but didn't know it at first. He had performed a teleportation spell in a book written by Dr I. Van Ischt that stripped him of his possessions and left him in a burning crater. He decided that he'd had enough of magic and decided he would make a fresh start as a blacksmith.

The Gun Crazed Neighbor Edit

After he had settled down, Sean decided to explore a nearby house and was led to believe he lived close to a madman. He prepared himself with weapons to be on the safe side. Soon after he discovered a sign left by Caff and assumed this was his neighbor. Angered by the vandalism of his land, Sean set out to take something from the madman next door.

Sean attempted to steal a Titan from his neighbor, who after a short confrontation revealed he was actually called TycerX. The two swapped stories and discovered they had a common enemy in Caff. They decided to be allies against this robotic threat to the world.

Discovering David Edit

Sean was being shown around Tycer's new base one day when the two felt a powerful earthquake that sounded like it came from the volcano. The two rushed to the scene to see what had happened and discovered the entrance to a tomb. Assuming there was somebody dead in the tomb, the pair decided to steal the gold the coffin was made out of. After breaking open the top of the coffin they found the recently reawakened David.

The pair took him back to Tycer's mountain base for interrogation. After they heard his story, the two decided to offer a deal to the ancient sellsword to establish trust. He was to infiltrate the base of Caff and Jack to find out what their plans were in exchange for help finding 'The Key' and a powerful sword.

Season 2 Edit

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