"I have awakened!"
– Mafsat

Mafsat was the main antagonist of the Voltz wars spinoff Voltzified series.


Mafsat is an ancient wizard who dabbled in all sorts of dark magic. However, he feared his own morality. So he founded a secret cult to help him archive eternal life. He tricked David into stealing a key and then performed a evil ritual to transform David into a immortal mummy, before burying him in a tomb beneath a volcano. He waited for someone to release David and help him destroy the "Power". When David and his allies traveled back to rid the world of the Power, David was possessed by Mafsat, thus gaining immortality at the cost of David's soul, before using his evil magic to open a black hole to a different world to conquer and enslave.

The FuneralEdit

Masfat reappeared at David's funeral, summoning lighting and all manner of evil powers to destroy the funeral, but was defeated by the players.


Somehow, he corrupted TycerX into become his servant. He whispered into Tycer's head and appeared to him as MylesC. Later they discovered that the villagers were really his cultists who helped them return to the world of the living. Using explosives, they blew up the village. With that Myles was possessed by him. He and Tycer started to sacrifice the remaining villagers and devouring their souls. Caff, Jack and Sean prepared to battle the evil wizard and slave. Praying to Eric, the god of villagers, they gained powerful weapons, then began to combat the two fiends. Mafsat began firing dark magic lighting at the friends. Seeing his foes were too powerful, he and Tycer targeted Sean the wizard, but Tycer was killed - he was resurrected using his necromancy. Then continued to deal damage to the wizard by magically removing his and the others' armour. Sean was killed by Tycer - using the same dark powers of necromancy he brought Sean back as his evil minion, doing the same to Jack. Caff, seeing his once good friends now slaves to Mafsat's magic, tried to flee by climbing to the top of the statue of Eric. Mafsat and his minions gave chase, using dark magic to summon a redstone bomb, and blew up Eric's statue with them inside.

Dark PowersEdit

  • Dark Magic - Mafsat has show his knowledge and ability to cast dark magic including shooting bolts at people and lighting.
  • Possession - in the past Mafsat had demonstrated the power to take control the bodies of others including David and MylesC.
  • Necromancy - during the battle at the end of season 2, Mafsat used his power of death, to resurrect people back from the dead, but as his evil slaves.
  • Soul Devouring - Mafsat is able to devour the souls of the living and restore his health such as villagers.


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