The Loxiku are a large militia of Russian militarists who had built an bunker deep into the woods near where Mryourmumiscool / Sam and UltimateRyanGames landed, but they were wiped out by them and their bunker now is occupied by them. Ryan believed there might some alive due to the large number of beds in their base.


Ryan's fears were realized when the two locate a smaller camp across a river. They quickly dispatch many of the soldiers, discovering a book written in Russian. Mryourmumiscool / Sam reads it and describes it. Telling them about a larger force and base near the location of Sam's secret outpost. Realizing the danger Sam and Ryan journey to the base and discover the location overrun with Loxiku soldiers and watchtowers. The two decide to return to the bunker and prepare for retaking the base.

Destruction of Fort FoxtrotEdit

Ryan and Sam venture back to the base and, using a secret stash of C4, blow up the radio tower, then rush in and kill the soldiers. They discover several notes and books about a few random names. Suddenly a alarm sounds and the two, in a panic, jump the fence and watch as the base explodes.[[

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