Lord Tarbuck is a powerful lord of the lands which FMB and Edd landed on. He had his sworn man and a small force capture Rob and Rich for looting a village and quickly had them imprison in the dungeon. He is known to be very irrational despite FMB's initial thoughts.

Initial ConfrontationEdit

After learning that FMB had raided a small town under his domain, Lord Tarbuck sent Sir Graham Brown to capture the duo. Though FunkMasterBlast tried to reason with Lord Tarbuck, he would have none of it and sent them to the dungeon.

Tasks for FMBEdit

Eventually Lord Tarbuck sought a use for his prisoners and sent FunkMasterBlast and Ricochet on a mission to scout the lands of Valonia and learn what had happened to Lord Valon. Upon their completion of this task, FMB gained the favor of Sir Whiteflower, one of Lord Tarbuck's advisors and sworn men. Tarbuck then sent FMB to investigate the elven forge of Highleaf. When they once again successfully returned, Tarbuck started putting more trust into them, sending them to rally militiamen in surrounding villages, set up a stockade, and eventually garrison the eastern tower.

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