Death of Laergulon

Laergulon dead following the Invasion of Elysium


Laergulon was a wizard under the command of High Wizard Galardon along with his fellow wizards. The Elves of Twilight were a great civilization until a stranger came to them. He taught the elf wizards powerful magic, crops became plentiful and the capital became a magical hotspot. When the stranger left, he gave Galardon a shiny piece of meat.Soon an large force of monstrous pigmen attacked the elves, the elven capital was in flames. Then an eerie fog developed around the forest, the elves that perished were the lucky ones and the survivors were driven into a secret hideout. The Forest was soon overwhelmed with swarms of the "Taken by the fog".During the time the high wizard became corrupted by the Porkcrux, eventually even infecting the rest of the Elven Order with evil and madness. The corrupted wizards began practicing all kinds of heinous and atrocities acts of black magic and evil including casting the fog over the Twilight Forest,Laergulon was how ever safe from the corruption.


After fleeing the Twilight forest the survivors settled in the Elven gardens of Elysium, planting tree houses and construction of his new wizard tower.

Endwalker CrisisEdit

Laergulon sent his apprentice, Guldir to deal with a End worshipping cult who were kidnapping people for their sacrificial ceremony.While he helped slow the effects of a curse placed on Merek.

Life And Death In ElysiumEdit

Laergulon's tower soon bloomed with trees of transformation turning the land around the tower into a beautiful magical garden, increasing the wizard's powers. He then started studying all sorts of magic such as Thaumcraft and mainly dedicated his time to Merek. He participated in the final battle, only to be overwhelmed by the opposing mages, dying next to his apprentice Guldir.Not before he avenged his apprentice's death from the dark magic of Saenorath and his mages,by cursing the High Mage with the form of a sheep.

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