Lady Smaik is a noblewoman of the high elves of Highleaf. She has seen visions of the return of both FMB and the rise of the Pork through her power of foresight. Lady Smaik was apparently one of the Elves of Twilight living in Merth at the time of Voltz Wars: Season Four, and she was an archer. She apparently shot and killed Sir Baconbits in a battle during the First War of the Pork. It is unknown how she came to lead the other elves.


During the Battle for Highleaf, believing that Edd2012 has been captured, Lady Smaik tried to execute him for his many crimes. However Edd had allowed himself to be captured on purpose to sneak in his soldiers disguised as guards. Edd then captured her.


After Highleaf was taken over by Edd's forces, Lady Smaik was held prisoner in her own castle. Later Edd revealed his plans to force her to marry him and unite the elves and Pork.

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