The Sacking of Krop

Krop is the city in which the 3rd porkcrux was found by FMB and FnD. Krop was ruled by the Mother of Dragons who kept the porkcrux with her.

Krop The CityEdit

Krop much like other cities had stores,festive and businesses. The city was fairly large with many shops open to visitors with a gate guarding the main city entrance. The city had a port, a city guard, gate, shops, underground drug dealers, gangsters, armories, a palace, a war room, a stadium, and much more. Krop was a peaceful city while FnD and FMB were able to complete quest. All of it changed after Edd2012's attack and destruction of a once great city.

Sir Friend ZoneEdit

Sir Friend Zone was a guard in the city of Krop who played a large importance in Krop as he told FnD and FMB that the city was under attack by Edd2012 and an army of porkmen, pigmen, pork lords and pig lords.

The Mother of DragonsEdit

The Mother of Dragons was the Queen of Krop, who protected the 3rd porkcrux The Pork of Fire. The Great Mother fled when the city was under attack by Edd and his army.

Krop After AttackEdit

Krop was bombed at the beginning of the attack by Edd. The bombs started with TNT and  shortly after upgraded to hypersonic destroying Krop and all of its citizens.

A Narrow Escape Edit

After Krop was attacked by Edd and the Mother fled, the team defended the city the best they could but Edd and his army were to strong. After defeat in the battle they fled in a small fishing boat and headed home.

Army of Pork's Return Edit

Edd2012 sent Sir Baconbits along with a battalion of men to Krop for unknown reasons. Only that it was of grave importance to the army and that they were to tell Edd before they went through some kind of portal.